CollabTalk provides independent research, competitive and market analysis, as well as community and influencer programs and events. We work with our clients to develop targeted campaigns and content, which sometimes include original research whitepapers, ebooks, articles and more. For the more formal research projects, we partner with the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University, working with graduate students and faculty, and with access to global business research tools.

SharePoint Transformed: A Game Plan for Digital Workplace Heroes

Collaboration may power the digital workplace, but achieving your collaboration goals takes more than technology – it requires close attention to how the technology aligns with your business processes and collaboration culture. In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How to improve speed of delivery, employee adoption and governance, while controlling transformation costs.
  • When to weigh alternative technologies for transforming your business into a high-functioning digital workplace.
  • The true impact of digital transformation, and how it requires acceptance from across the organization, from executives to end-users.
  • How to develop a successful strategy for employee collaboration.
  • The importance of monitoring progress, tracking compliance, and managing change through clear, two-way communication.

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Bridging IT & Business Expectations in the Digital Workplace

One of the leading reasons for the failure of knowledge and collaboration systems is a misalignment between business and IT activities. In this eBook, learn key insights for bridging the gap between IT and Business from the leading experts in the SharePoint / Office 365 community. In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • Why implementations fail.
  • The roles of People, Process and Technology in a successful environment.
  • How to bridge the gaps between IT and Business using analytics.

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Understanding the State of the Hybrid SharePoint Ecosystem

Independent research conducted on behalf of the SharePoint community, providing data and insights to help customers and partners plan for the future of their SharePoint environments:

  • What is the size of hybrid SharePoint usage in terms of licenses (seats), users, and revenues?
  • What is the composition of hybrid SharePoint usage in terms of company size, locations, versions, and features used?
  • What are the potential opportunities?
  • What are the risks?
  • What are the benefits of hybrid SharePoint strategies?
  • How are people using hybrid SharePoint environments?
  • What different strategies will companies use around hybrid moving forward?
  • What are the growth trends of Microsoft SharePoint in terms of environment type?

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Tap Into Social Capital to Build Your Brand

Learn how to be more authentic, build trust, and grow your business by leveraging your social capital. Whether for your company or your own personal brand, this is practical guidance that you can use. You will learn:

  • How influence works within social networking
  • Why you should focus on the influencers within your network
  • How to find value by creating value for others

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