This Week’s Office 365 Influencers

Find out who’s who in the Office 365 Online Influencers 100, and discover the influencers among us. Each week this leaderboard recognizes some of the most influential Office 365 social media profiles so that you can follow them, join the community, and learn more. Of course, this list does not encompass all influencers — it is simply a collection of publicly-available data from the leading social networks, and provides a barometer of social activities of some of the most-recognized MVPs, authors, bloggers, and experts in the space, including many Microsoft product, marketing, and engineering profiles.

There is ZERO manual manipulation of this leaderboard. The algorithm uses Kred Influencer and Outreach scores, as well as Twitter engagement metrics to rank influence, taking into account social media activity and engagement across many social networks including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram to provide an in-depth Power Score based on broad social networking activities, including engagement metrics, such as likes, mentions, and re-tweets.

If you’d like to follow or join the board to keep track of what happens each week, visit the list home page and sign up with your email address via the Follow button.