Building Your Corporate Brand

A common mistake is thinking that your corporate branding – your logo, tagline, and chosen color palette – constitutes your brand. Sure, these things play a role in your branding, but they are just one small facet of your overall brand. More than any design elements,...

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CollabTalk Podcast | Episode 2

In this latest episode, I sat down with Microsoft CVP over Office, SharePoint, and OneDrive, Jeff Teper, along with Dean Swann, Director of Product from UnlimitedViz and tyGraph, as we discussed the current state of the SharePoint community, as well as the shift in...

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CollabTalk Podcast | Episode 1

In this inaugural podcast, I interviewed the leadership team at 3Sharp in November 2016 while visiting their Redmond, Washington office to talk about their experiences in working with Microsoft. The team shares some insights into how they work with customers,...

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Leveraging Both Evolutionary and Revolutionary Innovation

Evolutionary innovation is all around us. Features are tweaked, navigation and administrative controls improved, and the UX upgraded. Revolutionary innovation can create entirely new ecosystems of products and services to surround and support the new paradigm. Both evolutionary and revolutionary innovation can be disruptive to your organization — unless you have a plan…

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The Rise of the Digital Handyman

Guest post by Treb Gatte (@tgatte) Is your organization having any luck building small, scalable solutions for specific needs without it becoming a massive IT project? Let’s look at PowerApps, Flow, and Power BI as a potential way to enable today’s version of a...

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