With more than two decades of experience as a technology evangelist, inbound and field marketing expert, and chief marketing officer — I’m sharing some expanded thoughts on a recent micro-podcast recorded for the Lookwide app (link below) around Four Strategies for Building Your Personal Brand. These strategies are short, but hopefully they will provide you with new ideas to put into action as you build out your personal or company brand. By no means does this list capture every marketing strategy you might consider, but it should give you a running start.

Strategy 2: Social

Strategy 1 was about Events. Strategy 2 is around Social. Over the past decade, we have seen massive waves of change in the ways that brands and communities and people connect and collaborate. Social networking technology has been around for a couple decades now, and has permeated into almost every website and enterprise application that we use. When building your personal brand, a major component is understanding where your target audience is being social — and to engage them where the discussions are happening.

Social networking platforms are about connecting, sharing, and engaging with others. Of course, any social platform use should be tempered with purpose, otherwise they can also be massive time-wasters. But if you stay focused on your goals, and use your time wisely, they can be an incredible resource for building out your brand.

Some ideas include:

  • Create social profiles on the major social networking platforms, and keep them updated.
  • Locate the relevant community calendars, and create filtered subscriptions to stay on top of the latest events and activities that are relevant to your brand.
  • Find and follow the influencers within your community, and engage with them in a meaningful way (versus simply retweeting their posts).
  • Follow relevant LinkedIn groups, share relevant news, and comment with meaningful feedback.
  • Participate in any relevant online forums.
  • Follow people and brands using RSS feeds, pulling content into an aggregator or your email app.
  • Reach out to the experts — connect with people, start a conversation, and establish some rapport.

As you build out your social connections, some guidance that I provide to all of my clients is to remember the “rule of thirds” when it comes to social:

  1. One third of your messaging should be about self-promotion, talking directly about yourself, your company or brand, and what you have to offer.
  2. One third should be neutral, educational, subject-matter expertise, sharing what you know and demonstrating that you are someone to follow.
  3. And one third should be personal, showing them you’re also human, and not a nameless, faceless brand.

Social should really be an equal balance of these three elements. If you spend too much time on one of them, it will throw everything off balance, and make it more difficult for you to grow your network of influence.

Christian Buckley via Lookwide micro-podcast

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I hope you found this information useful. You can find more of my content at www.buckleyplanet.com and via Twitter @buckleyplanet

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