Whether talking with individual entrepreneurs, or established companies thinking about ways to improve their marketing effectiveness, I often find myself sharing some of the core content within an ebook that I published a few years back. After discovering the Lookwide micro-podcast app and recording 4 short podcasts to capture the highlights from these strategies  — which comes from more than two decades of experience as a technology evangelist, inbound and field marketing expert, and chief marketing officer — I thought I would also add them as blog posts here.

These four strategies for building your personal brand are short, but hopefully they will provide you with some ideas to put into action as you build out your personal or company brand. By no means does this list capture every marketing strategy you might consider, but it should give you some ideas to try out.

Strategy 1: Events

Events come in every shape and size. You may organize them, volunteer to help out, or participate as an attendee. Most user groups are free to attend (thanks to sponsors), regional events can be low cost, and even the major conferences can have hugely discounted rates if you register early or sign up through a vendor to receive a discount code. Pick the events that are right for you (and your budget). The goal is to get out there and talk to people on a regular basis, sharing yourself and your ideas with anyone who will listen.

Some ideas include:

  • Join (or start) a user group within your company.
  • Join (or start) a user group within your local community.
  • Start your own online community.
  • Join any local business and technology organizations and leadership councils.
  • Volunteer to help run local meetups, user groups, and community events.
  • Attend (or host) a local networking event.
  • Attend (or organize) a virtual event, webinar, or meetup.
  • Attend larger business and technology events.

And whatever event you attend, some things to remember that will help amplify your efforts:

  1. Bring a friend, a co-worker, a family member, or even your boss.
  2. Introduce yourself to someone new — every time you attend.
  3. Ask questions, make comments, and be an active and engaged participant.

Christian Buckley via Lookwide micro-podcast

I hope you found this information useful. You can find more of my content at www.buckleyplanet.com and via Twitter @buckleyplanet

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