Content (or inbound) marketing has become the new business-to-business marketing standard, with many leading companies building out their content-creation capabilities as an organizational competency. In competitive situations, the winner is most often the company with the strongest content marketing strategy. When done well, content marketing demonstrates thought-leadership, builds influence and trust with customers, and decreases lengthy sales cycles. However, according to a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), most organizations fail to leverage the majority of content created by their marketing team, employees, or vendors. While 80% of businesses in North America use content marketing, much of the content they product for email and online marketing campaigns is not properly aligned with sales activities, poorly tracked and measured, and inefficiently produced. According to Altimeter Group, 70% of marketers don’t have an integrated strategy. As a result, companies struggle to achieve the value they envision.

When CollabTalk was launched, our intent was to not only work with customers to develop stronger marketing campaigns and strategies around their products and services, but to also provide high-quality, focused marketing research to help power their content marketing strategies. Many companies underestimate the volume of content required to  launch and sustain a successful marketing campaign — and the most successful campaigns begin with “hero” content, which serves as a primary tool for customers conversion — as well as the theme or focus of all underlying content. Throughout my marketing and technology evangelism career, participating in the creation of industry-wide or community-based research provided the most effective hero content for my corporate campaigns.

Sponsoring CollabTalk Research

As outlined within our services, CollabTalk conducts formal, academic and marketing-focused research, providing our clients with original and conclusive data to fuel sales and marketing efforts. Research projects can range in size and scope from a single researcher investigating business insights to support the creation of a whitepaper or eBook, to an entire team of technical researchers to track and measure industry-wide trends in a multi-vendor initiative. CollabTalk partners with the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah, on all research projects, as well as some of the leading influencers and MVPs within the technical community.

Each project includes a lead sponsor, who is often the organization who initiates the research, and tiered co-sponsors, depending on the size and scope of the project. Benefits of sponsorship can include brand awareness (association with leading sponsors), input into refinement of the research scope, insights into the research progress, and rights to all raw data, statistical models, and supporting material once the research has completed. Additionally, all sponsor logos and company bios are included within the final research report, and any supporting marketing material that is generated, allowing sponsors to include the research findings within their lead-generation activities — and to leverage the research findings to generate their own content.

Current or planned research sponsorship opportunities include:

If your company is interested in participating in one of the current or planned projects and would like to receive a prospectus — or you would like to propose an additional research topic, please contact Christian Buckley ( for additional details and availability.

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