It’s an important question – one that user groups around the world should constantly ask themselves. As a former board member of the Puget Sound SharePoint User Group (PSSPUG, now called O365 Seattle) and now part of the Utah SPUG, and also having running entrepreneur and collaboration user groups for years as part of the now-defunct in the San Francisco Bay Area (which was formed with fellow members of SDForum, now SVForum), I’ve been formally participating in these kinds of community activities for more than 20 years (which makes me suddenly feel really old). And throughout that experience, I have come to recognize that user groups that do not change with the times, the technologies, and the evolving needs of their constituencies will ultimately fail. If you are an organizer or passionate member of a local user group, a SharePoint Saturday or SQL Saturday event, or any other regularly occurring community activity – then this month’s CollabTalk tweetjam is for you!



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